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Yongkang AnNaimei Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a fence manufacturer specializing in the production of safety protection facilities. The company has strong technical strength, strong design ability and production experience. The company introduces foreign advanced dip-forming line technology to replace the traditional backward technology of paint and spray, making the products environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable. It has reached the technical standards of the relevant state departments.

Our company produces PPE-A, RPE-B, RPVC series products. Has good weather resistance, crack resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, high gloss, hygienic and non-toxic. Products are widely used in highway barriers, garden fences, plant isolation networks and oil, telecommunications, power engineering, gas and liquid input pipelines and other fields.

Our production of fences, fence fences, balcony fences, stadium fences, highway fences and community fences are reasonably priced, good quality, welcome to discuss cooperation!